Contamination Survey Reporting

Starting July 1, 2010 all labs licensed for unsealed radioactive materials must submit their surveys online. Click on the “submit surveys” tab to access the contamination survey form and complete the fields.

Please list ALL rooms where surveys were performed in a given week. In accordance with the Radiation Safety Handbook you must use a blank/background vial (containing only cocktail) each time you perform surveys. The results of the background vial must be entered on the form. If contamination (any result greater than twice background) is found you need to complete the section for contamination including date and resurvey results. Cleaning and resurveying should take place as soon as the contamination is found to reduce to the risks of exposure and spreading contamination.

After completing the form click on “Save Report” to send the form to Radiation Safety.

Once the survey page has been completed and saved, please print the page and keep it in your survey logbook with the appropriate LSC print outs. Any maps or lists of areas surveyed should also be included. Radiation Safety will be performing reviews of all survey logbooks during annual Lab Audits.